Development Dialogue

Reimagining Impact
24 Jan 2019

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Development Dialogue is an international social entrepreneurship ecosystem conference hosted at Nizamabad, Telangana by Kakatiya Sandbox. Development Dialogue brings together numerous social entrepreneurs as well as those who believe in and are involved in creating ecosystems to nurture social innovation and entrepreneurship. The conference is attended by participants from for-profits, not-for-profits, global visionaries, impact investors as well as local communities to share proven models, innovations, and transforming perspectives.


Development Dialogue is a conference that brings together those who believe in and are involved in, creating Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystems. The theme for this year's Dialogue is ‘Reimagining Impact’.

The 21st century faces significant challenges from increasing income disparities to accelerating environmental changes, from food insecurity to increased strains on natural resources. While non-profits and social innovators worldwide have made significant progress in addressing these issues, there is still more work that needs to be done to have a meaningful impact. To overcome these challenges and deliver substantial impact, requires new ideas, new competencies coming together in new partnerships and collaborations with common objectives and shared values. How does one build such coalitions? At the Development Dialogue 2019, scheduled on 24th & 25th January 2019 at Nizamabad, you can hear from some leading examples, learn how to build your organisation’s capacity and networks, and connect with your peers and leaders in the field.

The conference is expected to bring together different stakeholders such as innovators, government officials, impact investors, philanthropists, academicians and executives responsible for corporate social responsibility to facilitate collaborations for long-term impact.



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Dr.'Desh' Deshpande

Philanthropist Founder, Deshpande Foundation

Jayesh Ranjan

Principle Secretary, Govt. of Telangana

Feroz Mohammed

Executive Vice president, Hitachi Consulting

N V S Reddy

Deshpande Foundation India

Rahul Mehta

Founder, Mehta Family Foundation

Vinesh Bhimani

Managing Director, Kimoha Entreperneurs Ltd.