Event Description

With the scale of negative impact the pandemic has caused, it requires an effective measure & guidance to achieve the normalcy in business and MEDP is been efforting to to bring the most value to micro business that needs help at very moment. Udyam Samvad is one such a platform that offers you extensive solutions to major breakdown problems such as – Marketing, Sustainability and excellence. ‘The Missing Middle’: India has 95 micro businesses for every 5 small, medium and large enterprises.In theory, a micro business that invests more in assets can jump class and become a small business. Similarly, a small business can become a medium enterprise, and so on. This upward trajectory seems like the natural way to go for entrepreneurs who constantly plan to grow their companies. However, most micro businesses are simply unable to grow and become small enterprises in India. Life has evolved and time and again entrepreneurs have emerged to be a winner in tough markets.

Access to Marketing: The biggest challenge

Due to the loss of a physical marketplace we have encountered a huge dip in sales at every business and overcoming the current major crisis stands to be one way solution to our growing economy.

Reasons For Sickness/incipient Sickness

  • Lack of demand
  • Marketing problems
  • Power shortage
  • Equipment problems
  • Shortage of Working Capital
  • Non-availability of raw materials
  • Labor problems
  • Management problems

The upcoming webinar will primarily focus on,What ways you can standardize your business practices and help educate yourself in the world of entrepreneurship, Here you shall also learn various business solutions to the growing pandemic slowdown and what opportunities are available to wider market to expand your business grow

  • Opportunities and challenges in the microentrepreneurship world
  • Upcoming trends & technology leverage for help grow your business
  • Role of innovation & its impact on the business
  • How can you get onboard with the micro entrepreneurship development program of Deshpande foundation and its related benefits.

Our Speaker

Dr.Radhika Meenakshi Shankar

Entrepreneurship Management Consultant Wise Owl Consulting Services, Hyderabad (Telangana)